Intent to Vacate 2017-06-20T11:55:08+00:00


  • Resident(s) understand that the 30 day notice must be given by the first day of the month
  • Resident(s) understand by sending the “Intent to Vacate” Bryan Properties will begin trying to lease your residence. A member of the Bryan Properties staff may show your residence to prospective tenants. Bryan Properties will try to always give 24-hour notice before bringing prospective residents to your residence.
  • Resident(s) understand that any damages above normal wear and tear will be taken out of the security deposit.
  • Resident(s) understand the deposit MAY NOT be used towards the last months rent.
  • Resident acknowledges a check-out must be scheduled no less than 2 weeks before the lease in date or a check-out time will be scheduled for you. Failure to give your forwarding address will hinder the return of your security deposit.

I agree to the statements above